France Puts On Concerts to Encourage Recycling, Charges Old Electronics As Entry Fee


Photo: Matthew Simoneau under a Creative Commons license.

This month, music lovers throughout France are getting a real treat: a series of ten concerts, featuring mostly up and coming French artists. But what makes this tour TreeHugger worthy is that it's the Recycling Party, and there's no cash entry fee: you just have to bring an old electronic to recycle.The idea is based on a simple carrot, rather than stick, approach. French 18 to 30 year olds are among the country's biggest consumers of electronics, but aren't too big on recycling. The European Recycling Platorm in France first conceived of the Recycling Party in 2009 as a game-like way to teach youths about the importance of recycling their electronics.

For the third edition, ERP France has partnered with online music platform BuzzMyBand, and the Recycling Party is leaving Paris for the first time, to go on tour.

The tour opened at Paris' Alhambra concert hall on Tuesday, and the 860 spectators brought in 970 pounds (440 kilograms) of busted electronics, ranging from toasters to televisions to cell phones. It's an encouraging start to what promises to be a great month of May, for music-lovers and greenies alike.

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