Fox's News Corp. Begins Keeping Tabs of All Its CO2 Emissions


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It's hard to get a read on Fox's parent company, News Corp., to say the least. Owned by the infamous Rupert Murdoch, it oversees the largest contingent of climate change-denying publications in existence. But one day, Murdoch himself took an interest in fighting climate change, and announced a plan to make his company carbon neutral by 2010. Then, he went to bat to defend Glenn Beck, a man who believes climate change is a hoax perpetrated by evil liberal galactic brain-lords so they can rule the world, or something like that. Now, Murdoch has actually put his plan to curb emissions and increase efficiency into action, and has begun monitoring his 100+ facilities worldwide. But then . . .Just kidding. That's where the story ends, for now. Even though I can't fathom how a man can put such extensive efforts into improving his environmental impact and simultaneously approve of Glenn Beck (okay, I can--its called 'cash cow'), I must give credit where credit is due.

From the Environmental Leader:

News Corp. - owner of Fox News, the Wall Street Journal and numerous other media properties - is adding software to help manage its environmental impact and energy use. News Corp. is using software from Hara Environmental and Energy Management to begin collecting energy and emissions information from its hundred-plus facilities worldwide.
Full disclosure: one of TreeHugger's writers works for Hara, the company performing this hugely symbolic venture. After all, if the company that owns Fox News can go green, who can't?

When the software is added, News Corp. will use the software to "help it report emissions against multiple global protocols and manage environmental information." The info will help cut costs in the long run by identifying energy expenditures and inefficiencies--and will help News Corp. lower their emissions on a large scale.

So take that, Beck--even if you think global warming is a scheme designed to replace Americans with robot farmers or whatever, your boss doesn't. You're going green whether you like it or not.

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