Fox's Hypocrisy: Bash Solar in Primetime, Then Hype it at the Emmys (Video)

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Consider these two anecdotes: a) Fox Broadcasting Company is the host of this year's Emmys. It's planning to cover Nokia Hall, where the ceremonies will take place, with solar panels as part of the company's "Green It! Mean It!" campaign.

b) Fox News, the company's cable news division, has used solar company Solyndra's bankruptcy as an occasion to criticize Obama for supporting ... solar power. The channel's "news" shows and pundits are going to lengths to make a case that clean energy is a waste of time. (See the video below). So how do these two views, which stem from the same root -- Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. -- add up?

They don't.

These anecdotes instead reveal the obnoxious dichotomy between Fox's operating and broadcasting arms. It's a lot like the much-discussed discrepancy between Rupert Murdoch's plans to reduce News Corps' carbon footprint and his top pundits' incessant and vociferous climate change denial.

The above video and this Fox Business assault on solar investment called Obama Administration Still Blowing Sunshine contrasts nicely with this story about FOX's campaign to "Green It. Mean It.", doesn't it?

Sooooo, let me get this straight. According to Fox's top brass: Solar panels at the Emmys--cool! We 'Green it and Mean it' at Fox! But ... Solar company fails--Obama and solar is stupid! Look how the president is running the nation off of a cliff, supporting silly sun-power daydreams!

As Dave Roberts has pointed out, Fox, Republican operatives, and the conservative pundit class have long stressed their opposition to clean energy. They believe it politically advantageous to convince the public that stuff like solar power is a joke. So, Fox News has a lot to gain in the bankruptcy of Solyndra -- its organization relishes stories like a high-profile solar company supported by Obama falling flat. And the short-term boost Fox is likely to get by bashing solar -- and more specifically, bashing Obama for supporting solar -- trumps any effort to fairly relay the facts about solar, or the continued general health of the growing solar industry. To 'Fox the conservative echo chamber', solar power is much more useful as an epithet for liberal folly.

But to 'Fox the Broadcasting Company' that has a board of directors to please and educated business contacts to impress, solar power is, you know, the wave of the future. A sign of sophistication.

The fact that Fox's pundits are all ranting and raving about the stupidity of solar is certainly undermined by the fact that the company they work for is directly supporting them at one of the highest-profile media events of the year. Actions speak louder than words, and all that ...

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