Fox News: "We Can't Trust BP" (Video)


Obama has just wrapped up a press conference affirming his administration's leadership role in the BP Gulf spill response. Calls have been mounting from all over for the federal government to step up its authority, as BP has been called out as untrustworthy by environmentalists, concerned locals, and even Fox News. Yes, you might think that the conservative network would back Tea Party star Rand Paul, who said that Obama was being too harsh on BP -- but as this video attests, the anchors at Fox are incensed:

In case you missed that, here's what Shep said:

And this is the chief executive of the company that's in charge of cleaning up this disaster now? Who calls us litigious? Who makes comments about the comparative volume of oil and then says the environmental impact is very minimal? And this is the guy we as Americans are supposed to entrust with the largest ecological disaster in American history? Tony Hayward?
I'm glad that Fox News has come around to admitting there's a downside to offshore drilling and the biggest companies who engage in it -- perhaps they'll take that to heart in future when covering 'Drill, Baby, Drill' rallies. After all, as Think Progress puts it:
This righteous anger at big oil is a remarkable turnaround for the networks that lied about the oil spills caused by Hurricane Katrina, deny the threat of oil pollution to the planet, and shilled for offshore drilling during the "Drill, Baby, Drill" summer of 2008.
And if Fox admits that we can't trust BP, does that imply there are other, more trustworthy companies engaging in offshore drilling?

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