Fox News: There's "A Lot of Corruption Surrounding" Climate Science (Video)

Since Fox's fact-checkers accidentally admitted on the air that the facts support global climate change, it's only natural that they'd overcompensate by careening off in the other direction. In a recent segment with Jon Huntsman (he brings out the best in them), the hosts criticized Hunstman for, essentially, daring to enunciate his confidence in science.

They question his now-famous tweet, in which he wrote "To be clear. I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming. Call me crazy". Huntsman affirms his position (though he looks mighty uncomfortable for a minute there), but is soon interrupted by the Fox host Brian Kilmeade, who goes on to claim that "there's a lot of corruption" surrounding climate science.

Which is, of course, entirely false. There's no known "corruption" in the climate science community to speak of -- even the so-called ClimateGate scientists have been vindicated through multiple investigations and studies from multiple institutions. Michael Mann, the right's favorite climate scientist-as-villain, due to his work in creating the famous 'hockey stick graph' was recently exonerated (again) by the National Science Foundation.

This is not to say there have been no errors of judgment -- as in any scientific field (or any other line of work), there will be miscalculations and missteps. But climate science is about as surrounded by corruption as botanical science or physical chemistry. In other words, it's a goofy lie pushed by sensational talk show hosts -- and the leadership apparatus of one of our nation's two top political parties.

Via Media Matters.

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