FOX News Rants About PETA While Eating KFC

FOX News parodies itself better than any comedian ever could. In what seems too jaw-dropping to be real, the folks at FOX decide to state that all PETA members are ugly, and that kids who encourage their parents to be greener ought to be punished. From Ecorazzi:

"The greatest thing about this story," said Gutfeld commenting on two women in bikinis protesting outside a KFC, "is that they claim to be PETA members. I'm sure that if any of us went to an actual PETA meeting, we would not find anybody remotely attractive. They are a bunch of lonely people."

While passing around a bucket of KFC chicken, Gutfeld responded as to why PETA was protesting saying, "The weird thing about making fried chicken? Chickens die in the process. It's really hard to keep them alive while you eat them." Really, Greg? Is that the reason? That's some fine balanced reporting.

From Earth First:

Then there's his comment about us crazy environmentalists who "think the environment is more important than humanity". What Greg Gutfeld and the other smug assholes sitting around this table don't seem to get is the fact that, without a healthy environment, there can be no humanity.

These two blogs have summed it up perfectly. The only thing left to ask is: Really? Was it really necessary to scarf on a bucket of KFC during that? Talk about the straw that broke the camel's back...not that we should care about camels' backs - they're just dumb labor animals.

And all this layered over their effort to green up, and Rupert Murdoch even making it onto our Green CEO list. Bummer. Perhaps this is simply their attempt at balance.

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