Fox News: Energy Efficient Light Bulbs Will Kill Us All! (Video)

Media Matters put together this great mash-up of Fox's efficient light bulb hate.

Run for your lives! Energy efficient light bulbs are coming, and they're going to poison you and your children! They'll spray mercury all over your house, while simultaneously robbing you of your freedom! They'll turn your home into a toxic wasteland! They'll consume your family in the federal government's Bolshevik plot to establish a New World Order! Subtext: Energy efficient bulbs will destroy life as we know it -- they will literally kill you!

Fox News' words, not mine.

So what can we do? How do we save ourselves from this menace? Hoard incandescent light bulbs! Hoard as many as you can! How dare President George W. Bush sign such a freedom-obliterating bill into law! He's brought the bulb-pocalypse upon us all!

Sigh. Pointing out that Fox News is an overheated propaganda machine has become such routine business that all Media Matters really has to do anymore is stream its content verbatim.

Never mind that the efficiency standards don't require anyone to buy CFLs (the "squiggly", much more efficient bulbs that Fox has mistaken for Kryptonite). Never mind that more efficient bulbs will save consumers millions of dollars on their electric bills -- a prime conservative value if you ask me. And never mind that it was that it was the GOP's cherished president that signed this thing into law -- with ample support from Republicans and industry.

Never mind all that -- just head for the hills, and be sure to bring along a crate of incandescent light bulbs.

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