Fox News: Do Moon Volcanoes Disprove Climate Change? (Video)

Okay, so I'm not sure how exactly the Fox News fella was going to argue that the existence of volcanoes on the moon serves as evidence that climate change isn't happening here on earth, but I'm sure it would have been good! Fortunately for him, Bill Nye mercifully changes the subject and makes a pretty good point about the application of science in general. I also think that it's worth pointing how rudimentary these concepts are, and how earnestly he discusses them -- it's almost like the Fox folks were on par mentally with the audience of his previous show, Bill Nye the Science Guy. And that audience included me as an eight year-old.

Anyhow, kudos to Bill for doing his damnedest to get climate change a little positive air time on a network that is otherwise a veritable vacuum for discussion and/or reportage on the subject. He's become their go-to climate guy -- the lone voice of reason against an onslaught of patronizing, condescending conservative pundits. I do worry that they have Bill Nye on in an attempt to marginalize the climate science crowd: Think global warming is real? You must be zany!

But perhaps not -- he was, after all, a pretty roundly beloved kids' show icon, and the bits they toss him are pretty tame. Keep fighting the good fight, Bill!

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