'Fox & Friends' Peddle Lies about CIA, Climate Change (Video)

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Fox & Friends is a show that's not exactly known for getting its facts right--but plenty of people watch it and confuse the drivel there for actual information. A particularly appalling segment aired yesterday, in which the Friends attacked the White House for allegedly giving up on gathering intelligence on terrorists, and instead using the CIA to study icebergs. They took a partially true report and mangled the facts in order to rile up their viewers--and the bit was literally funded by Exxon. Video after the jump.Yes, the CIA is giving some top climate scientists access to classified satellite imagery, in a worthy program designed to help better understand climate change. No, it will not divert any resources from any other intelligence missions--it's simply giving the scientists more data. And yet:

Now, I understand the Fox hosts' confusion at the prospect of multitasking--most of them probably can't chew gum and walk at the same time. But let's be really clear here: the only thing that's changing in the CIA's routine operations is that they're leaving the satellites' sensors on while they travel over wilderness areas instead of turning them off. And then letting scientists examine the data.

What a travesty! Cooperation! How dare they! The hosts' (and whomever that was they had on to comment, who had no background in either science or national security) complaints are 100% baseless. Even if you think global warming is a hoax designed to get Al Gore rich, how can you really be that pissed about leaving the 'on' switch in place as a satellite continues its already planned orbit? And what do you care what scientists do with their time? You obviously either don't want to pay any attention to them or can't understand their findings anyways.

What makes this all better, as Media Matters points out, Fox got the material for the segment from a press release filed by the National Center for Public Policy Research, a group sponsored by Exxon, and that funneled money for convicted felon and once-lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Check out the press release, which basically provided the script for their bit, at Media Matters.

Finally, it's worth noting that climate change IS going to be a major national security issue--for more on that check out these posts.

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