Four Thousand European Union Industries Lack Current Environmental Permits

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European Union Member Countries

Ten European Union member nations have failed to keep environmental permits up to date. That means industries and municipalities in those nations report pollutant air emissions and water discharges in dissimilar ways. After missing an October of 2007 EU deadline, final warnings were sent to "Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, and Spain, after which they face the prospect of court action. Denmark and Ireland were sent first warnings." Why is this important?Corporations and governments can only be held accountable for what gets measured using standard methodologies. It's that old saw "what gets measured, gets done."

Soon corporations and cities in every nation (we hope) will estimate greenhouse gas releases and report progress against voluntary reduction goals. It would be a meaningless exercise to do this unless standard estimating methods and reporting protocols are held to.

That's why ten European nations not keeping permits up to date is a "big deal."

Within months (we hope) the same issue will be on the table for US States.

Quote is via:EU Business, Over 4,000 industrial plants without proper permits: EU

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