Four Out of Five Americans Want Solar Option for New Homes


Right on the heels of evidence that more Americans are choosing to buy green power when it's available comes news that 80% of US residents would also like to see home builders offer solar power as an option for new houses, according to a survey by Japan's Sharp Electric Company (the world's largest producer of solar cells).

The survey was conducted in May among 1,004 adults to measure their perceptions of solar power. It showed that given the current energy situation, three-quarters of Americans feel that solar energy is more important today than ever, according to Sharp.

The number-one reason for homeowners to utilize solar power is to save money on monthly utility bills, but respondents are also concerned with using solar to decrease the United States' dependence on oil.

The survey showed that two-thirds of Americans are willing to pay a premium for homes that have solar systems installed, according to Sharp. One-half of those surveyed would spend up to 10 percent more for a solar-equipped house, according to the company.

While some may question the results based on the survey's source, clearly many Americans are finally recognizing that the often sizable investment required for solar energy installations can pay healthy dividends in reduced electricity and/or water heating costs over the life of the system. As many builders are recognizing the value of green construction, perhaps we're seeing a convergence of forces that will make solar power, and other green housing features, the norm. Hey, we can hope... ::Personal Tech Pipeline via It's Getting Hot in Here