Forums Are So Web 1.0


Yeah I know, online forums seem so, like,'s all Twitter and Digg and Social Networking these days. But if you aren't signing up and spending some time in our forums, you are missing out on a lot of quality stuff.

While we provide a valuable service out here on the blog by doing outstanding reporting on all that is green, in the forums we take that a step further by putting you in touch with thousands of people who are living and sharing their green lifestyles, including myself.

For example...We have all ages of composters, gardeners, solar power users, super recyclers, hybrid drivers, water conservers, vegetarians, omnivores. We have people changing their lives, saving the Earth, and sharing their stories.

Right now there are topics about:

Buying a new car or keeping the old one
What to do with incandescents
The Easiest No Work Garden
Tankless water heaters
Creating an Eco-friendly ice cream store
Square foot gardening

Not to mention great discussions like:

Why generation Y is broke
Are biofuels leading to starvation?
The Housing Great Depression

And the question on everyone's mind these days from wild chick who asks:

What is your opinion of women who don’t shave?

So if you only spend your time on TreeHugger out here, see how much you are missing?!?!?

So come on in and participate! And if you ever need a hand in the forums, my handle is agraham999.

I'm going in right now to add my $.02 on the shaving issue!