Forget Black Friday and Buy Nothing Day; Remember Small Business Saturday

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Last year I wrote a post that I think says it all.

I have always been appalled at the concept of Black Friday, where people get pepper sprayed and trampled to death in the search for bargains at the suburban big box stores. Nor am I a big fan of Buy Nothing Day, particularly when I have two kids who work in small shops pulling espressos and mongering cheese.

But it is becoming increasingly more obvious every year that supporting our small businesses and our Main Streets is critically important, not only from an economic point of view, but from an environmental one.

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Three Options For Black Friday

Notice how, in the poster for Buy Nothing Day from two years ago, that there are two days listed, the Friday for Americans and the Saturday for everyone else? Not any more, it has become a worldwide phenomenon. The Wall Street Journal notes:

There’s no Thanksgiving this week in Canada—that happened back in early October–but many Canadian malls and shopping centers will swing open their doors early on Friday. They’re hoping to lure Canadian shoppers with discounts or keep them from traveling south of the border in search of pre-Christmas bargains.

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In Canada our newspapers are full of flyers; this is what we got this morning and it isn't even a holiday here. See How Black Friday came to Canada and Three Options For Black Friday.

Why Is Camping In The Park Illegal, But Camping At Best Buy Is Just Fine?

Two years ago, when people were occupying parks and getting pepper-sprayed in California for sitting on a sidewalk, I wondered why it was alright to camp outside a Best Buy to be front of the line for Buy Nothing Day.

Where are the cops, complaining about people camping? Where's the pepper spray? (Aisle 5) Anatole France was wrong when he wrote: "The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich and the poor alike to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread." If you have money, even just enough for a discounted hi-def TV, and are willing to spend it, the law treats you differently. What a surprise on this Thanksgiving day.

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