TreeHugger gets action! ForestEthics responds to masonry industry ads

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In our post Canadian concrete companies running deceptive ad campaign against wood construction, I wrote about the Canadian Concrete Masonry Producers Association's co-opting of environmental organizations to spread the message that wood construction leads to rampant deforestation. I wrote:

These are not environmentalists supporting the work of ForestEthics, they are co-opting their name and the environmental movement as a whole to try and subvert a move to a greener way of building with a renewable resource that can and is being sustainably harvested.

I asked ForestEthics for their views on this advertisement, and they didn't just respond to me, they sent this letter to the CCMPA:

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16 December 2013

Marina de Souza, Executive Director
Canadian Concrete Masonry Producers Association P.O.Box 1345, 1500 Avenue Road
Toronto, Ontario M5M 3X0

Dear Ms de Souza

We were shocked to see our organization’s name used in the CCMPA’s attack ad against the forest products industry (Dec 9th). We object to the Canadian Concrete Masonry Producers Association’s misleading reference to our organization in its ads intended to influence British Columbia’s building codes. The ads imply that we endorse your products over forest products. Both your sector and the forest sector have tremendous room for improvement in ecological footprint reduction before either can call itself sustainable. That said there are a number of forest companies who have made voluntary efforts towards improvements in sustainable forestry (some achieved, some yet to be realized). The concrete industry, however, is not shining in the realm of voluntary collaborations or legislated actions to improve its carbon emissions reductions.

Building sustainably is one third about the materials, one third about design and the rest about intelligent planning. Oversized homes and concrete jungles are not contributing to a better environment. We look to standards like LEED, the Green Building Council and thoughtful community planning to ensure buildings contribute to a greener future. If we’re to brighten the outlook for the planet significant conservation measures need to be taken, by legislation and voluntary action, to reverse the unsustainable use of natural resources and to dramatically reduce carbon emissions. Both the forest and concrete sectors have a long way to go.

Therefore we request that the Concrete Masonry Producers Association stop using our organizations’ name in its competition with the forest industry.


Julian Zelazny
Boreal Forest Campaign Director

TreeHugger gets action! ForestEthics responds to masonry industry ads
They are "shocked" to see their organization's name used.

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