Ford quits climate-denying lobby group

Ford Focus Electric
CC BY 2.0 Norsk Elbilforening

It wasn't entirely shocking when Google quit the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), openly accusing the group of lying about climate change. But when oil companies started leaving too, it really did start to look like the writing was on the wall for hardcore climate denialism.

Now Cleantechnica reports that Ford is calling it quits too, refusing to renew its membership in the group which has pushed hard against renewable energy mandates and incentives, and which has been linked to efforts to muddy the issue of climate change education too.

Curiously, Cleantechnica seems to think that Ford's position may have something to do with the close partnerships they are forming with LEGO—despite the fact that there's nothing to indicate this in Ford's announcement. True, LEGO has ended partnerships with oil companies in the past, but they were under significant pressure from activists to do so. The idea that they are specifically pressuring other businesses to quit ALEC seems like a a bit of a leap of the imagination.

Still, whoever it was that did help influence this decision should be thanked. It's just one more sign that as business gets serious about tackling climate change, it will become increasingly untenable to continue to fund obstructionist policies or denialist tendencies.

Ford wants to be a mobility company of the future. It just took a big step toward achieving that goal.

Ford quits climate-denying lobby group
Big business seems to be breaking up with climate denial. What next for ALEC?

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