Ford Factory to Add Third Wind Turbine

ford dagenham wind powered factory

We talked about the wind-powered Ford Plant in Dagenham, just outside central London, in our post about renewable energy developers Ecotricity back in early 2006. In fact, the two turbines have been such a success that they are now set to be joined by a third as the factory expands its operations further. This from an Ecotricity press release:
"Ford were one of the first companies we approached, many years ago now, with the idea of powering their operations with on site wind energy. Our goal was to engage big business in the issue of climate change and the role that wind energy has to play in the future. Also expecting that when household names such as Ford used wind energy every day to do their job, it would be a powerful endorsement of the credibility of wind energy. It's quite special to see demand for these cleaner engines grow and we're delighted to be working with Ford to increase their capacity to build more 'wind powered diesel engines'"

We're not totally sold on the term 'wind-powered diesel engines', but we find it hard to hold that against them when they are blazing a trail for large-scale, practical renewable energy. For more on the work of Ecotricity, check out our interview with founder Dale Vince. ::Ecotricity::via press release::

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