Forbes Lists America's Hottest Green Job Markets


Top Ten US Cities for Green Jobs

With constant news of the collapsing economy, last week Forbes focused on one area that still has hope: the green job market. According to Global Insight and the US Conference of Mayors, in 2006, 750,000 green jobs were created in the US and it is projected that millions more will be generated in the next decade. Check out the top cities for green jobs below the fold.According to Forbes,

the green economy could soon become the nation's fastest-growing job segment, accounting for roughly 10% of new jobs over the next 20 years. The report forecasts that by 2038, renewable electricity production will create 1.23 million jobs; alternative transportation fuels, 1.5 million jobs; engineering, legal, research and consulting positions will be more than 1.4 million; and commercial and residential retrofits at 81,000 jobs, for a total of 4.2 million.

The US cities Forbes projects will house these green jobs are:

1. New York City, though feeling the market collapse, is also projected to be a place to head for green jobs. Generating 25,000 green jobs in 2006, the city may generate 200,000 more by 2038 in engineering, architecture and design.

2. Washington, DC makes it to the top of the green jobs list with the federal government aiming to lower energy costs for the more than half-million buildings it oversees, according to Forbes.

3. Houston houses two of the nation's most polluted economies and is a master of making profit off of energy. Houston's experience building large energy projects has proven successful beyond oil, creating a serious wind economy in the city.

California houses three strong green economies: the state attracts tons of green venture capitalists, green innovators, eco-conscious mayors and green Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. 4. Los Angeles tops out other California green economies with a serious water shortage to confront.

5. Boston houses leading universities that will bring the city into the green economy. Harvard, MIT and other institutions are at the forefront of renewable energy academia.

6. Chicago is home to the Chicago Climate Change, America's first carbon trading exchange.

7. Philadelphia is getting green, converting old warehouses to wind turbine factories and pushing energy efficiency on state legislature.

8. San Francisco is home to a serious number of venture capitalists and Mayor Gavin Newsom, pushing green jobs at every opportunity.

9. San Diego made it in the Forbes' top ten thanks to its solar power. Sunny conditions mixed with booming renewable energy markets are the perfect ingredients for the generation of green jobs.

10. Pittsburgh is regenerating its collapsed industrial economy with a committed investment in green jobs.

Via: Forbes
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