For Sale By Owner: Low Miles, Best Offer

We're on our own TreeHuggers. As if to drive the obvious home, the US Congress conference committee recently cut all remaining energy conservation measures from the proposed Federal Energy Bill. Not to despair: the door down the hall just opened wider for green entrepreneurs. In front yards along America's thorofares are appearing late model SUV's with "For Sale By Owner" signs. It's just what happened after the previous oil shortage, when gas lines reached around the block. Inefficiency beaches itself on the curb, as dealers turn down trade-ins. Once gasoline hits the magic #3, curb-sides will be lined with their sun baked carcases.
Like the rescuers of beached whales, enterprising and endlessly clever TreeHuggers will make a business of converting the lightest ones over to biodiesel.

Outside marquis green companies like Toyota, corporate 'intrepreneurs' face daunting challenges. From a recent issue of Green At Work, the online magazine, comes this illustrative cite: "...after initial widespread praise, several environmental groups have criticized the company [Ford] strongly for not making better progress. Ironically, recent profiles of Ford's environmentalism have identified resistance within Ford Motor Company as the greatest obstacle to the automaker's pursuit of sustainability. Again, not to despair: TreeHugger offers evidence aplenty that corporate 'interpreneurs' are making headway in surprising places like Wal-mart and PNC Bank.

Lead the way TreeHuggers, and one day government will follow.