Footballers Should Go Greener

David James, one of England's more outspoken and articulate footballers (soccer to North Americans), has issued an eco-challenge to the football industry. Football clubs are big business and many can afford to start thinking about the environment. He thinks that they should be a driving force for change. Many top football stars drive over-priced sports cars. James says that "a cool footballer driving an eco-friendly car would popularise the eco-friendly lifestyle". Football teams fly all over the world for games and fans drive to the matches, leaving tons of litter behind. He quotes several examples of football clubs that have embraced greener ways: Manchester City has installed wind turbines to power the stadium. They also source local produce for their kitchens and have tried to improve the recycling of drinks bottles at training grounds. In Germany, tickets for the match double up as train, tram or bus tickets to encourage use of public transit. Garbage cans are divided into sections (cans, plastic, paper)—not a difficult thing to introduce. James says: " Once kids see top players like Wayne Rooney or Michael Owen trying to make a difference, the initiatives will take off." Fighting words from a footballer. :: The Observer