Football Versus Global Warming

I wonder how many treehuggers are football fans and how many football fans are secretly treehuggers? Well, if you're a closet ball fan nervous about letting your friends know about your secret passion, or a closet treehugger nervous about telling your sports buds about your concern for the planet, step into the light. This week's Philadelphia Eagles game against the St. Louis Rams was rendered carbon neutral in a joint effort of, Native Energy, and the two teams. The 58 tons of carbon dioxide was offset by Native Energy. The Native American-owned company offsets carbon emissions through power generated from windfarms and methane gas projects on dairy farms.As part of the Eagles' Go Green campaign, they are raising awareness among fans about local waste issues and global warming. The Eagles and the Rams, both part of the Virtual March organized by, have also contributed, between the two of them, almost 300 virtual "marchers" to the now over 200,000 people registered. Other not-so-expected marchers include the IndyCar Series, and the band Incubus. In a statement on the Virtual March website, the Eagles state: "Scientific consensus and common sense tells us that global warming is contributing to the deterioration of our air quality, clean water sources, tree cover, and weather." ::