Food Prices, Food Eaters Run Riot


Michael Pollan says we are all made of corn, and that means we are also all made of fossil fuels, that drive the tractors, that make the fertilizer, that bring it to market. As fuel prices go through the roof, food prices are following, and people around the world are not happy. Today in the news:

Food Prices Follow Fuel Through The Roof
...high gas and diesel fuel prices are hiking the cost of everything from growing food to transporting it, and consumers are paying the price. "Wheat commodity prices have almost doubled in the last six months," says USDA economist Ephraim Leibtag, "and there's been a big push for those products across the globe." Such demand pushes prices up.::CBS News

Clashes over food prices trouble political leaders: Anger over high food and fuel costs in recent months has spawned violent unrest across the world. Surging food prices due to global supply concerns and heady world futures markets have posed a particular risk to poor economies, especially in Africa, where food makes up a disproportionately large part of household spending and imports. ::Reuters
Food crisis being felt around world: Sharply rising prices have triggered food riots in recent weeks in Mexico, Morocco, Senegal, Uzbekistan, Guinea, Mauritania and Yemen, and aid agencies around the world worry they may be unable to feed the poorest of the poor. ::National Post