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Much sought-after Michelin stars have been announced for UK restaurants. Instead of rewarding pretentious, over the top french fancy restaurants, the Guide has acknowledged and praised the local and seasonal nature of British cooking. The Michelin editor said that "informal dining, greater use of locally grown produce and seasonality are the trends evident in this year's guide, customers are demanding more information about food provenance and sustainability, and chefs are responding by rediscovering local ingredients." This is very encouraging for all those small restaurants that have been working hard to develop links with local farmers, growers and fishermen.

The UK's best fish and chips shop has also been named, The Townhead Café, in Biggar, Scotland, and it too has returned to its roots and adopted sustainable practices. Their motto: "Ye Cannae Beat a Guid Fish Supper!" The owner is committed to "introducing customers to some of the delicious alternative species our hard-working fisherman have to offer. It's an example that everyone should follow." He said "we don't use cod; haddock from the Shetlands is in plentiful supply at the moment. I always check down the supply chain that everyone is conforming to sustainable practice." For the first time in the competition's history, entrants were judged on their commitment to building a sustainable future and points were given to shops according to their use of sustainable species and the measures they have taken to encourage customers to try something new. :: Times

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