Food For Thought As The Future Heats Up

usa drought monitor map image

USA Drought Monitor Map, May 24, 2011. Image credit:USDA

Texas farmers could potentially be rescued from the grip of drought by hurricane-delivered precipitation. (NOAA's 2011 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook calls for a 65% chance of an above normal season,...)

The longer the delay in climate policy action by national governments, the greater the likelihood of severe global financial shock when the needed actions are taken.

Cities of the world continue to grow rapidly - in great part by immigration. Many city states are situated on sea coasts, where they host international ports and banking centers. Tsunamis and typhoons impact coastal areas primarily. And on we go...
The continued, slow recovery from recession makes investors shy away from risky and unproven technology : R.I.P. "clean coal" and new nuclear reactor designs.

The higher-than-normal mountain snow pack in the US west not only poses a flood hazard, it also makes it hard to balance hydroelectric production with other water uses (see Stephen's post immediately following this one). Some say the extraordinarily deep snow pack of 2011 is inconsistent with predicted climate change effects; while others say it is perfectly consistent. Glenn Beck: where are you when we need a simple answer from a real expert?

Natural gas-fired electricity - with fracking-production included in the mix - produces a greenhouse gas footprint half as large as does coal used for the same purpose, over the full life cycle.

After washing for distribution, mass-marketed cucumbers are individually enveloped either in a layer of carnuba wax or in torpedo-shaped plastic bags. Which side of the coating do e-Coli prefer?

The State of Kentucky is using taxpayer money to underwrite a Noah's Ark theme park. Will they include magic mushrooms on the passenger list?