Shows What Corps Are Buying Which Congress Members

follow the coal money COP15 photo

During COP15 piles of fake dollar bills with James Inhofe's (R-OK) face and his contribution of $1,130,560 from the oil industry on them were dropped on the floor for passersby pick up. Photo: Matthew McDermott.

There's no doubt that oil and coal money sways votes like few other industries. If you want to keep track of which fossil fuel companies are lining the pockets of which US congress members, you need to check out and Both have really great interactive graphics (example after the jump) that outline the web of influence and shed light on why someone like Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma thought it might be a good idea to jet over to Copenhagen for a couple hours just to poo-poo the idea of actually doing something about climate change:

james inhofe oil industry contributions image

In the actual interactive image you can roll over and click each of those icons for more info about how much Inhofe (or whatever representative you like; you can search by name or zip code) has taken since 2000 from each company.

In table view you find that Koch Industries has given a total of $50,550; Anadarko Petroleum has put up $27,200; Devon Energy, $27,000, and so on down through the more modest donations of under $500 from various and sundry oil and energy companies.

The point of all this? As the sites' names say, follow the money. When you do that it's not surprising that people like James Inhofe get only a 9% score from the League of Conservation Voters.

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There's no doubt that oil and coal money

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