Following Arrest, Greenpeace Director Banned From Greenland

Kumi Naidoo photo

Image: Donostia Kultura via flickr

Greenpeace Executive Director Kumi Naidoo, arrested last week after scaling a Cairn Energy platform off the coast of Greenland, is now banned for a year from the country entirely.United Press International reports that a Dutch court ruled against Greenpeace in a suit brought by Cairn Energy.

Greenpeace called the Arctic is a global commons, adding: "It's our duty as world citizens to come together to shield it from the ravages of oil exploitation and global warming, isolate it from the din of nationalist squabbling, and keep it safe for future generations."

According to UPI, Greenpeace said that one exploratory drilling campaign in Greenland's waters releases more harmful pollutants than all drilling in Norway and Denmark combined.

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