Focus Earth with Bob Woodruff: the Gulf Coast, Katrina and the DNC

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Focus Earth with Bob Woodruff looks at US environmental challenges of the past and what we can hope for in the future. With tropical storm Gustav on a collision course for the Gulf of Mexico, is New Orleans ready for another Katrina? On the third anniversary of Katrina, and after watching Gustav rip through Haiti, leaving casualties in its wake and head for Cuba and ultimately the Gulf Coast, Bob Woodruff takes a closer look at how far New Orleans has come in the last three years. Also, lots of promises were made this week in Denver as the Democrats nominated their candidate for President, but just what exactly is this ticket offering for America's environmental future?

Bob Woodruff takes a helicopter tour with Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal through the 9th Ward, which suffered some of the greatest devastation from Katrina. The city is working on rebuilding, strengthening levees and even going green, but how much is left to do before they can feel safe again. Over 15% of Southern Louisiana has washed away over the last century, making it the fastest disappearing shoreline in the world. Another 600,000 acres, roughly the size of Rhode Island are expected to disappear in the next 50 years. How is Louisiana planning on dealing with this?The Democratic National Convention took over Denver this week, claiming to have held "the most environmentally sustainable political convention in American history." Just how did they accomplish all of those offsets and what made this mass-migration to Denver so sustainable? Also, Woodruff takes a closer look at Biden's environmental record and discusses particularly what he can bring to the ticket.

You can catch the full episode, Saturday, August 30 at 6pm Eastern Standard Time in the US. Focus Earth airs every Saturday at 6pm and is produced by ABC News for Planet Earth. You can find more about Focus Earth online at Planet Green.

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