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Flow the Film documents the global water crisis, from how a few corporations took control of global water supplies, to how we are quickly running out of water, ultimately asking the question "Can Anyone Really Own Water?". The documentary contains interviews with scientists and community activists, as well as beautifully captures the role that water plays in each of our lives.Directed by Irena Salina, produced by Steven Starr and distributed by Oscilloscope Laboratories, Flow was also a 2008 Official Selection for the Sundance Film Festival and Wired Magazine called it "the scariest film in the festival." At the Vail International Film Festival, Flow won Best Documentary, and won Best Human Interest Film at the Flagstaff Film Festival.

The movie not only points fingers at corporations, but also looks at the issue of water quality in general and the lack of access to clean water sources that half the planet deals with every single day. Looking at the surface of the planet, it may seem ridiculous to suggest that there is a water shortage given that 70% of the planet is covered in water, but when you note that only 3% of this is freshwater and only 1% of this is suitable for humans, now it becomes way more difficult to stretch those resources among the more than 6 billion people that inhabit this planet. Animals, people, plants and even many of the products that we make today all need water, which is why many say that there is no longer a shortage, but rather a crisis.Never fear, the film also offers solutions that are being tested and modeled around the global with successful results. The film also contains a list of resources and what you can do to take action for water conservation.

You can find the trailer here on Youtube. You can find the film in theaters starting this September in LA. Below is a list of openings and you can also fin the film in many local film festivals around the country.

Sept 12.
New York - Angelika Film Center
Los Angeles - Laemmie Sunset 5

Sept. 19
Huntington, NY - Cinema Arts Center
Washington DC - Landmark E Street Cinema
San Francisco - Landmark Lumiere
Berkeley - Landmark Shattuck
San Diego - Landmark's Ken

Sept. 26
Philadelphia - Landmark Ritz at the Bourse
Denver - Starz Film Center
Boston - Landmark Kendall

Oct. 3
Columbus, OH - Gateway Theater
Atlanta - Landmark Midtown

Oct. 10
Portland, OR - Cinema 21

Oct. 17
St. Louis - Landmark Tivoli

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