Florida's Climate Summit - Live!


The way Florida's Governor Crist is acting, hosting a bi-partisan,green political celebrity-attended event, you'd think Florida was sticking out like a thumb in the hurricane zone... and running out of fresh water. Oh...wait. It is. "On Thursday, July 12th and Friday, July 13th, Governor Charlie Crist hosts the Florida Summit on Global Climate Change. The goal of the summit is to bring together state, national and international leaders, along with prominent members of the business and environmental communities, to explore opportunities for advancing the global climate change agenda and for adopting specific climate action plans." You can watch today's proceedings via webcast if you have MS Windows Media Player by clicking here. Guests over the two day summit include:- Robert F. Kennedy Jr.; California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger; and Theodore Roosevelt V, the great-grandson of President Theodore Roosevelt. Governor Crist said Thursday "Florida will pursue global solar energy sources. After all, we are the Sunshine State." Sounds like an independent party caucus. Climate Party anyone? Via:: WFSU, The Florida ChannelUpdate:- Washington Post reports that "Crist is also trying to lead by personal example. His day-to-day vehicle runs on 85 percent ethanol and he's installing solar panels at the governor's mansion next week. He recently bought a new boat and made sure he chose an engine that is more fuel efficient and burns cleaner." It is Florida after all.

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