Florida Water Worries: Serious Shortages For Tampa Bay

Alafia River florida photo

Alafia River Florida, one of several potential sources of drinking water for Tampa Bay. Image credit:Florida State Parks.

Last summer I posted on Tampa Bay Florida's new desalination plant, an expensive technology that was needed to cope with the growing demand for potable water, amidst falling supplies (due to extended drought). See Tampa Bay Florida Area Drinks Oil-Fired Water for details. Since then, surface water supplies have fallen off further and mandatory use restrictions may have to be put in place. Desalination was not enough. Nor were voluntary conservation measures.As reported in WaterWorld, via the Tampa Bay Tribune:-

"The reservoir's level is so low we are unable to provide water, consistently, to the water treatment plant and we are unable to pull water from the Alafia River or the Tampa Bypass Canal," said Tampa Bay Water spokeswoman Michelle Robinson.
Voluntary steps were insufficient:-
Measures aimed at a 10 percent reduction in water use have achieved only a 2 percent cut.

Americans are so used to having plenty of water, they seemingly can not be relied upon for voluntary conservation even when the need is dire. When a community is clearly running out of water, a resource vital to life, and a 2 percent cutback in consumption is the best that can be had, it is no wonder that there is so little interest in climate action, which calls for even more serious personal sacrifice.

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