Flat TV=More Nuclear Plants


Flat screens are a big green no-no (as we've mentioned before). According to a recent article in The Observer, if half of British homes buy a plasma-screen TV, the country would need two more nuclear power stations to meet the extra energy demand. Flatter they are, but when it comes to energy these "hi-tech" toys use up to four times as much electricity as that clunky thing you just tossed on the street (to be recycled via Garbagescout of course). Plus, that stand-by feature? Just turn it off. "Simply leaving devices such as TVs and DVD players on standby at home puts up to 1m tonnes of carbon a year into the atmosphere and costs each household around £25," the article reports. Considering many families may keep a TV for up to ten years, this evidence is daunting. Ahh, but the future is bright. Chances are the models out there will become increasingly more efficient. If only they had waited until then to launch these guys. Hm. Thanks tipster Linton, via ::Hugg

Image courtesy of Philips.