A New Place to Shop Responsibly


Though not quite live just yet, has designs to present a fresh twist on shopping. The idea is simple: "Help make this world a better place. Shop across thousands of merchants all selling the latest and greatest eco-friendly products & services." To entertain anyone who comes to their site before the launch, they do have a pretty slick little calculator that multiplies number of drivers by hybrid car carbon-dioxide and gas savings for some impressive numbers. For example, if 53,125 people were to go out and pick up a hybrid, 128,617 tons of CO2 would be saved each year, along with $38,037,836 in gas. They also have a blog to keep us updated on their pre-launch progress, and a way to sign up for their newsletter so you'll be among the first to know when they go live. Looks like a good idea, along the same lines as TH buddy Alonovo. We're waiting with baited breath...::FiveLimes via ::Hugg