Five Protestors Arrested in Boulder For Erecting Fake Wind Turbines on a Coal Pile

Video: Daily Camera

Five protestors were arrested in Boulder, Colorado Tuesday for mounting fake wind turbines and unrolling a massive sign that read "Renewables Now." According the to Elephant Journal, the protest comes on the heels of the Boulder city council consideration on whether to renew a 20 year franchise agreement with Xcel Energy, the Colorado utility company. Protestors are unhappy with the amount of renewable energy currently being used in the state. Colorado residents currently get 90 percent of their energy from coal and only 10 percent from renewable sources. Local environmentalists want that number to increase by 10 percent each year until it reaches 30 percent by 2012 and on up from there. This is higher than the standard set by the legislature.

Coincidently, founder Bill McKibben was in town speaking at an event so he visited the protest. He had this to say:

"Our leaders have been listening to the coal industry instead of the science and now people need to take the lead and that is what they are doing. The action today is great and what is so great about it is that the same thing is happening all around the world. Everywhere people are showing the same kind of courage," said Mr. McKibben.

Xcel was under the gun last year for marking up the price of renewable energy. According to Elephant Journal, they proposed a $6.75 monthly charge for residential customers and $10 for commercial customers. This was on top of the $7.50 residential, $25 small commercial existing flat rate. For residential customers, that's nearly twice the cost for no increase in services.

"Boulder is ready to move forward with 100 percent renewable electricity. If Xcel is not willing to partner with the city to make this happen, then Boulder officials and citizens needs to take our energy future into our own hands," said Tom Weis, a Boulder resident that communicated from atop the coal pile.

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