Five New Jobs in the Growing Green Economy


How to be a Green Entrepreneur

While the traditional economy slows down, green is booming. Riding the wave of the green trend, people are finding or creating unusual new jobs. Earn money and save the planet -- all in a day's work! To further inspire this trend, TreeHugger has collected a list of curious green entrepreneur opportunities we can find in the booming green economy. 1) Green Tour Guide
Spend your days out in nature, helping bring other people closer to Gaia. Or lead tourists through a learning experience visiting sustainable attractions. If you need inspiration, consider some examples:

2) Drive a Velotaxi, or start a Velotaxi Company
The velotaxi pedal cab trend started in Berlin with motor-assist pedal-power taxis with a twist: the taxi company makes its money from advertising on the sleek, sheltering bodies of the pedal cabs. The taxi drivers pay a minimal rent for a pedal-power taxi and earn their daily bread with the fares. The trend has since spread around the world, including Japan, where Velotaxi reintroduced the rickshaw to the place of its invention, and to New York, under the name BicyTaxi. Maybe it is time for a pedal cab stand in your town.

3) Garden Guru
A lot of people want to join the trend towards raising their own organic veggies, or to enjoy the beauty of blossoms from their own garden. But they have neither talent nor experience. They are begging for a garden guru. You can get things growing, and pass on skills that will bring a lifetime of pleasure.

4) Create a Green Search Engine
Make your own niche in the Green Search Engine Market. Already dozens of so-called "Green Search Engines" have sprouted up. The sites tap into ad dollars by leveraging standard search engines such as Google or Yahoo, which take a cut of the ad money for each click on the derivative site. Some are barely masked money machines, which promise to plant a few trees or front a black screen. Others are really trying to make a difference, like, which donates 100% of profits to environmental charities, or goodsearch, which contributes 50% of revenue to a cause of your choice.

5) iPod Doctor
Set yourself up in the small electronics repair business. A number such service providers have sprung up in New York, reports CNN Money. One such entrepreneur, self-taught Demetrios Leontaris, makes house calls to put the iPods of busy New Yorkers back in order. If the unit cannot be repaired, Leontaris adds it to his collection of "spare parts" for future repairs. One more iPod which is not landing in a landfill. You could extend the concept: especially in a down economy, people will look to repair rather than replace. Old concept, new generation.

That is just a start. We are sure you can think of others, or have seen friends and acquaintances prosper in environmental nut jobs. Share with us in the comments!

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