Five More Forged Letters to Congress Opposing Climate Bill Discovered

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Remember those forged letters sent to a Virginia Congressman urging him to vote against the climate bill? The ones which claimed to be from an hispanic community group and from the NAACP? Well, five more fakes have been discovered, the New York Times reports: This time they purported to be from organizations serving the elderly -- one of which was the Slippery Rock Senior Center in Slippery Rock, Penn. -- and sent to Kathy Dahlkemper (D-PA).

The language in the Slipper Rock letter is similar to the previous letters, saying that the climate bill will increasing electricity costs and this is something seniors can't afford. Furthermore, it points out that Pennsylvania gets 56% of its electricity from coal.

Bonner & Assoc. Asked to Look Into 58 Letters
The original letters were traced back to astroturf lobbyists Bonner & Associates. After the discovery, chairman of the Committee on Energy Independence & Global Warming, Rep. Edward Markey of Massachusetts, launched an investigation into the letters.

Bonner & Associates and its client the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ah, remember the clean coal carolers?...) were asked by the committee to look into some 58 letters which appear to be from charities urging a no vote on the bill.

Nine Organizations Affected So Far
This discovery brings to nine the number of organizations whose identities have been stolen for the purpose of deceiving members of Congress into opposing the House's American Clean Energy & Security Act.

via: New York Times
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