Fisherman Blasts Media for Exaggerating Gulf Oil Spill (Video)


There's a very real, very pervasive, and very justified frustration among fishermen around the Gulf of Mexico right now -- and it runs deeper than you might think. Banned from conducting their business in large swaths of the Gulf, some have taken up temporary jobs helping to clean up the spill. But along with anger at the spill itself, there's also a good deal of animosity directed at the media -- who they blame for blowing the story out of proportion. Remember, many haven't seen any traces of the oil at all firsthand. I spoke to this third generation New Orleans based fisherman, and he explained the frustration among the fishing community.

Attitudes like this were far from uncommon. When I was in Venice, Louisiana, the ground zero for BP spill activity, the owner of one of the docks there actually confronted me and told me that we were hurting his business by being there. I don't blame him at all -- he hasn't seen any oil lapping up on his harbor -- all he sees are people from out of town writing and filming stories about how awful things are in his region, scaring off business.

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