First Anti-Anthrax Pesticide Approved by the EPA

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It's finally here: the first all-purpose anti-anthrax product. This impressive antimicrobial pesticide can actually get rid of pesky anthrax spores on any clean, hard surfaces. And it's just been approved by the EPA--a substance that can decontaminate buildings, vehicles, ships, and gear infected with anthrax spores. Is the threat of anthrax as a biological weapon a thing of the past?You may remember the anthrax scares a few years back, when there were concerns that the disease would be used as a biological weapon. Anthrax is a dangerous disease that can infect both humans and animals--untreated, it's often fatal. Now, fears of its use in terrorist attacks could finally be laid to rest.

From the EPA press release:

The Environmental Protection Agency has approved the first registration, or license, of an antimicrobial pesticide product to deactivate anthrax spores on hard surfaces. "Peridox with the Electrostatic Decontamination System" can decontaminate buildings, structures, vehicles, ships, aircraft, personal protective equipment, and other items infected with anthrax spores. Its use is limited to dry, precleaned, hard, nonporous surfaces.

You read right--it's the first pesticide that can wipe out anthrax spores on a wide range of surfaces that's been licensed by the EPA. Apparently, past anti-anthrax pesticides existed, but they were only authorized for emergency use. Now, there will be an actual product that will protect troops, equipment, buildings, and if need be, civilians, from the threat of anthrax.
The availability of such products will better prepare the United States to respond to anthrax incidents. The guidance assures that anthrax-related products are registered, bear appropriate labeling, and are effective when applied as directed. The use of anthrax-related products will be limited to federal on-scene coordinators, the U.S. military, and persons trained and certified competent by the manufacturer.

The anti-anthrax pesticide will be made by a company called Clean Earth Technologies.

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