Fireworks Likely Set Off Massive Beijing Hotel Fire

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David Gray/Reuters via New York Times

We have noted before that fireworks are not particularly good for the environment; we have also noted that they can be dangerous. A rather graphic demonstration of this is going on right now in Beijing, as the unfinished Koolhaas-designed Mandarin Hotel burns down, apparently set alight by fireworks celebrating the last day of the Lunar new year.

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EPA Adrian Bradshaw via monstersandcritics

Bloomberg notes:

The fire started at about 8:25 p.m. when firecrackers landed on top of the building, Xinhua News Agency said, citing an unidentified man. Yesterday was the 15th and final day of the Lunar New Year celebrations, which people traditionally mark by lighting fire crackers and fireworks. People were still lighting fireworks near the building as firemen battled the blaze.

They also note that "Construction materials piled up in the building may have helped the fire spread." We wonder- where were the sprinklers? Every new building this size has them, is it possible they were turned off for the construction?

Not withstanding that issue, maybe, just maybe, people will start thinking about the fact that not only are the perchlorates from fireworks a real problem for water quality and health, but they are dangerous too.


Spectacular video on BBC here

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