Firewood: Bioregional Development Group's Latest Offering

The Bioregional Charcoal Company, a brainchild of the London-based Bioregional Development Group, has already been featured on our pages for its decentralized network of suppliers that greatly cuts down on transport emissions when compared to traditional distribution channels. Major chains are able to call one centralized number to place orders for stores across the country, and supplies are then dispatched to each store from the producer that happens to be the nearest. Now we hear that the folks at Bioregional have expanded their offerings through this network to include firewood and kindling this winter which will be in stock at B&Q; stores, and which can be used to replace inferior quality firewood that may have been shipped from across the country or beyond. To further improve their environmental performance, Bioregional are also offsetting the emissions associated with transport through Climate Care. For more on Bioregional’s ground breaking approaches to environmental problems, check out our interview with founders Pooran Desai and Sue Riddlestone. ::Bioregional Development Group:: via site visit::

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