Finding Profits in the Landfill: RecycleMatch at Poptech 2010 (Video)


Photo: D'Arcy Norman via Flickr, Creative Commons BY

As we all know, thousands of landfills around the countries are teeming with literally tons of perfectly good raw materials and otherwise usable trash. And in an era of increasing resource scarcity, there's a corresponding demand for many of those materials. In other words, we have more and more trash, yet companies are demanding more materials for production and construction. So, there's vast potential for a company like RecycleMatch, which does exactly what it sounds like it does -- it matches companies with the resources it needs, that would otherwise be headed for the trashbin. I spoke with Recyclematch founder Brooke Betts Farrell at this year's Poptech, and she explained how it works:

And some examples of her work:

Finally, Farrell explains why the waste business is such an enticing prospect these days, and goes far beyond recovering metal and plastics commodities:

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