Find Your Opportunity : Better Motors + Better Batteries Symposium 2005

Though we really love talking about it, being a tree hugger isn't all about buying hot looking stuff, or the choices you make at the grocery store. A big part of sustainable lifestyle is looking for ways that you can apply your unique skills to help bring balance to the world. Maybe you have an opportunity as an employer to keep your labor local, and strengthen your local economy. Or maybe your job at a restaurant allows you to advocate for organically grown produce in the meals. Maybe you're just a person who can see connections, and bring together groups who can benefit one another. Remy Chevalier is that kind of person. And in an effort to save The World, and Connecticut, Remy is trying to broker an unlikely alliance: The Electronics Industry, and The Native Indian Tribal Councils of North America...Remy is the man behind the Better Motors - Better Batteries Symposium which meets for the first time this March in Mashantucket, Connecticut. But rest assured, this meeting is about much more than C-cells and blenders.

Perhaps the most powerful difference is the venue of the conference, and the keynote speaker. Rather than relying on leading a leading electrical professional, or local politician, and holding the meeting at a convention center, Remy is going grassroots. He tapped Ed McGaa, known as Eagle Man, a lawyer, and registered member of the Oglala Sioux to lead off the meeting. His published works on native spirituality and the cases he has fought for regarding tribal worship rights make him a prime commentator on the Native American Indian point of view on sustainability. Speaking at the Pequot Museum, an enterprise funded by tribal funds from the Foxwood Casino next door, the consortium makes it clear that unconventional methods are their new modus operandi.

The BMBB has three primary goals:

-To expose leaders in business, technology, and public policy to the
opportunities in developing more powerful motor and energy storage
systems. With current trends in electronics and miniaturization, motors and batteries are being pushed to their limits, and continued innovation is needed to keep our pace of invention.

-Raise awareness about the slipping of American (and local Connecticut) competitiveness in the portable energy market. Sustainability isn't just about biodegradable footwear; If, like footwear, the lions share of money spent on products is exported out of the local market, eventually it will bleed until it just gives out. Local jobs build sustainability in products.

-Advocate for sustainable decisions throughout the integration of
these processes. The Sioux, and other Native Indian Tribes have a strong track record of environmental commitment(we're talking hundreds of years here), and partnering with them sends an obvious message about the interests of the symposium.

Ed McGaa and Remy Chevalier have both recognized a unique position that they were in: to advocate for Tribal Councils to spend their recent wealth of gambling income to power a sustainable shift in the economy. Are you, as a treehugger, in a similar position?

If you're interested in attending the BMBB Symposium you should visit for more information. The organizers are especially interested in leaders in the motor, battery, and electronics industries, and also leaders in North American Tribal Communities.
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