Financial Times Publishes The "Anti-Green" Position

Last week we featured the Heritage Foundation's "Anti-Gore" position. This week, in our second installment on the philosophical escapades of the "expert" class, we discuss a Financial Times op. ed. piece in which John Kay, "one of Britain's leading economists," stakes out the global 'Anti-Environmentalist' position, certainly a more challenging task than going after a single celebrity. Sadly, in publishing this piece, Financial Times has blown our cover, sharing the insight that our cult-like purpose has all along been to replace mainstream religion and socialism with environmentalism. (Our effect is made especially powerful because of blogging's overlap with the growing apocalyptic vision of climate catastrophe, which we, of course, are also bent upon fomenting.) This excerpt of Mr. Kay's piece pretty much tells it all:- "Environmental evangelists are [therefore] not interested in pragmatic solutions to climate change or technological fixes for it. They are even less interested in evidence that if we were really serious about reducing carbon emissions we could do so by large amounts without significantly affecting our economies or our lives. Windmills on roofs and cycling to work are insignificant in practical consequence, but that is to miss their point. Every ideology needs rituals of observance, which demonstrate the commitment of adherents Business should treat the environmental movement as it treats other forms of religious belief. Business leaders do not themselves have to believe its doctrines. Indeed we should be wary if they do: business linked to faiths and ideologies is a sinister and unaccountable power".So there you go. Merely by dabbling in social psychology, the 'leading economist' has blithely seen through the wires of the Internet, and into our little green hearts. How else could he have known that we wear rough hemp robes? That we seek to turn businesses into 'Anti-Christs?' That we bow to BlogFounder when he appears (rarely) on our flat panel screens; and, that we threaten social norms with our 'sin and grin' approach to green erotica? At least Leading Economist did not declare us to be hippies.

The Hell Which Awaits Business Executives That Go Green:
Oh businessman, heed ye this warning. For if ye shall go green, there will be no redemption. Punishment will be severe. Your invite to Davos will be no more. You will be locked forever inside your home theater, forced to watch a CEI advertisement endlessly.