Financial Meltdown, Peak Oil, Global Warming: Are We in a Crisis of Civilization? (Video)

From the Dark Mountain Project to The Long Emergency, we're not short on pundits predicting that our industrial civilization cannot last much longer in our present state.

Dr Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed is another, credible voice who warns that change is coming whether we like it or not, and that it is up to us to shape the world we want to live in.

Known primarily as a political scientist and security analyst, Dr Mosaddeq Ahmed has published extensively on terrorism and the post-9/11 security situation. But it's in connecting the dots between international security issues, resource scarcity, peak oil, the food crisis and Global Warming that his work really comes into its own. Mat has already highlighted Mosaddeq Ahmed's writings on peak oil as a spark for the Egyptian revolution, and now a new documentary entitled The Crisis of Civilization explores his ideas in more detail.

Starting with the increasingly credibly analysis that each crisis we face is merely a symptom of a broader, systemic failure, the movie explores the connections and then goes on to look at what a post-carbon society, which is coming whether we like it or not, might look like.

The answer to that question, he suggests, is up to us...

The Crisis of Civilization: Trailer from thecrisisofcivilization on Vimeo.

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