'Financial Kingpin' of Climate Change Denial Exposed: Koch Industries Outspends Exxon 3-to-1

koch industries climate denial funding chart

image: Greenpeace

A new report from Greenpeace exposes one of the major, yet little known, financial backers of climate change denial, including fueling the "Climategate" fire. "Koch Industries: Secretly Funding the Climate Denial Machine" shows how the Kansas-based has spent nearly $25 million between 2005 and 2008 funding, what Greenpeace calls a a climate denial "echo chamber" and become the "financial kingpin in efforts to undermine climate science."Among the organizations and people funded through the various Koch foundations are:

1) "At least 20 organizations central to the global echo chamber which have repeatedly rebroadcast, referenced and appeared as media spokespeople" in reference to Climategate.

2) In 2007, an astrophysicist to write an article about polar bears which, masquerading as a piece of peer-reviewed literature, attempted to refute the threat to the species due to climate change.

3) A Danish think tank which produced a "dubious study about the Danish wind industry", rejected by the Danish environment minister, which was then used to challenge President Obama's support of wind power.

4) Groups which supported a "widely debunked study" which claimed that Spain's support of renewable energy had lost the country jobs.

Other groups receiving large amounts of funding include: Mercatus Center ($9.25 million, 2005-2008), Americans for Prosperity ($5.18 million 2005-2008), The Heritage Foundation ($3.36 million, 1997-2008), Cato Institute ($5.28 million 1997-2008).

Second Largest Privately-Held US Corporation
If you haven't heard of Koch Industries, its an oil company controlled by David and Charles Koch and is the second largest privately held corporation in the United States, with operations in about 60 countries. It's 20 companies employ 70,000 people and generates $100 billion in annual sales. One reason you don't know who Koch is: It only has a few retail brands, Brawny paper towels, Dixie cups among them. They also are the people behind Lycra and Cordura.

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