Finally, Rebuttal to 'Snow Means No Global Warming' Nonsense Aired in Mainstream Media (Video)


It gets pretty tiresome having to explain that climate change doesn't mean that every region of the world will turn into the Sahara Desert next week. But it seems like that's what it would take for many to appreciate the vast body of scientific evidence confirming man-caused climate change: Fox correspondents, GOP Senators (and their grandchildren!?), and climate skeptics of every stripe are reveling in the snowstorms that are battering the east, making the ever-sophisticated claim that 'snowfall disproves global warming.' Thank goodness at least one newscaster had the sense to point out how incredibly wrong that logic is. Video's after the jump.Here's MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan:

And he's essentially 100% correct. Scientists have been predicted increased, more intense snowfall to coincide with warming temperatures for decades, for the very reasons that Ratigan outlined. Meteorologists have indeed backed this up.

Now, I wish that the broadcast networks would run segments as informative as this one--no doubt climate skeptics will attribute the fact that this was aired on MSNBC as evidence that it can be written off as part of the great liberal plot to make Al Gore rich and regulate everything with communist socialism (or however that goes, I keep losing track . . .). Which is too bad--it only takes an elementary understanding of how precipitation works to see that Ratigan's, and the scientists' whose work he cites, analysis makes sense.

All this frenzied pointing to snowfall as proof that global warming is a hoax has only, if anything, demonstrated the slight, one-dimensional thinking being done by the parties who are desperate to discredit climate change and/or exploit for political gain its apparent nonexistence in the face of cold weather events.

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