Finally, a News Report on Extreme Weather & Climate Change Suitable for Grown-Ups (Video)

Imagine, for a second, what an intelligent, in-depth news segment on the link between extreme weather and climate change might look like. If you only watch basic cable and the network stations, you'll have to keep imagining, because none of them have aired a single one yet.

It wouldn't be a shout-y, four minute sound bite-fest between an ornery host, a shill from a fossil fuel-funded think tank, and a nasally scientist in a bow tie. It wouldn't be 30 seconds of summary from Brian Williams. No, it'd look something like Al Jazeera's excellent 20+ minute dive into the evidence, the complexities, and the truths about global warming and its impact on heat waves, drought, flooding, and precipitation.

You'd get two respected climatologists, a policy expert, and leave the statistically irrelevant "skeptics" uninvited. And then you'd have a host who asks tough but fair questions conducive to enlightening conversation. You'd get what we have here today.

Finally, we've got a news report on the link between climate change and extreme weather suitable for grown-ups.

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