Fill Her Up... With Water?


Image courtesy of Reuters Video.

UPDATE: Please see our follow-up piece here: Genepax Water Car: Too Good to be True? Yeah

With reports from Reuters, Environmental Leader, and a variety of other eco-news sources, by now it's hardly breaking news, but the H2O-powered car from Japanese company Genepax Co., Ltd., is certainly making a splash.

Genepax says its new concept car equipped with the company's soon-to-be-patented Water Energy System (WES) can run for up to an hour at 80kph on just 1L of water from any source, including rainwater!

So how does it work? Well, we've all heard about hydrogen-powered cars. They sound good in theory, but the problem has been how to go about converting all that oil infrastructure to a hydrogen one. The WES energy system solves this problem by extracting hydrogen from water, as it is running. The generator then releases electrons to power the car. Brilliant solution. It might even wash out the need for hydrogen infrastructure completely.

We are waiting with baited breath for the latest drops of news from Genepax, and hoping they get the jumpstart they are looking for with a major car manufacturer.

Although the company's English website is a little bare, you can see the car on the road at Reuters Video. We'll keep you posted on the latest from the next Genepax press night and presentation coming soon.

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