Files Cracked: 2010 Elitist Environmental Strategy Details Leaked

watergate filing cabinet photo

Watergate filing cabinet. Image credit:Wikimedia.

Have you encountered the rumors of the Obama Administration's supposed plan to outlaw incandescent bulb sales? That is soooo off the mark. If the concern trolls knew what I do now, having hacked insider hardcopies on this and related stuff, their page views would have been out'a this world.

Put the outlawing of incandescent bulbs-rumor to rest. The 'plan' is to use reverse psychology: encourage the hold-outs for inefficiency to hoard incandescent bulbs. When the electric bill jumps 40% in 2010, we'll see how long that attitude lasts. For more Enviro-gate revelations, read on.The 'plan' includes further encouraging talk show hosts into child-like, uninformed tirades over environmental issues so as to continuously erode their credibility with political independents. More like this please.

Wretched excess is out, frugality is in. The so-called 'tea baggers' of 2009 represent the leading edge of a growing populist anger, triggered by years of the broadcast media flaunting extreme personal wealth and wealth-bought power. Getting by with less "stuff" and making what you already own last longer is a virtue long cultivated by the green movement. The less-stuff item is, therefore, at the top of the enviro-gate agenda,

I'm saving some the best stuff for later. You'll have to guess.

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