Fifty-six Newspapers Around The World In 20 Languages Runs Op-Ed For Climate Action

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The UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen has finally arrived and the time for action is now. So says an op-ed in almost 60 newspapers around the world that calls for world leaders to agree on a binding deal that locks in targets for reducing emissions and financing for countries most affected by climate change. The op-ed was written by the Guardian's editorial staff and appears in 20 languages including English, Chinese, Arabic and Russian.The only US paper to run the editorial was the Miami Herald, but the New York Times ran two of its own today--one from the editorial staff and one from economist and op-ed writer Paul Krugman--that called for action now. Krugman continues to make the case that not only can we afford to change our economy over from one that is fueled by dirty fuels to one that runs on clean and green fuels, but that by doing so we'll create jobs and economic progress.

Here's a section of the Guardian's, which is definitely worth a read:

Few believe that Copenhagen can any longer produce a fully polished treaty; real progress towards one could only begin with the arrival of President Obama in the White House and the reversal of years of US obstructionism. Even now the world finds itself at the mercy of American domestic politics, for the president cannot fully commit to the action required until the US Congress has done so.

But the politicians in Copenhagen can and must agree the essential elements of a fair and effective deal and, crucially, a firm timetable for turning it into a treaty. Next June's UN climate meeting in Bonn should be their deadline. As one negotiator put it: "We can go into extra time but we can't afford a replay."

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