Field Guide to a Bipartisan Climate and Clean Energy Jobs Bill

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Image credit: Paraflyer/Flickr

Recently, the United States Senate has had some trouble deciding on solutions to the big problems challenging the country. Things like health care reform, climate change, clean energy and now immigration policy need well-thought, bipartisan, legislation that provides meaningful change.

But what would such legislation actually look like?Grist writes:

No bill that could pass Congress right now or in the immediate future would be sufficient to put us on the path to stabilizing the world at 2°C. We simply aren't sufficiently desperate to do what is needed, which is nonstop deployment of a staggering amount of low-carbon energy, including efficiency, for the rest of the century.

What we should focus on, the author suggests, is laying the groundwork for the legislation that will be unavoidable when things get really bad, probably in the 2020s.

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