FEMA's Fabulous Fake Press Conference

We missed this the first time it aired this past Tuesday but - having now had ample time to "review" it to our hearts' pleasure - thought it worth sharing. Now while we hadn't originally been inclined to knock FEMA for its performance in the Southern California wildfire relief operations, we couldn't just let this "press" conference pass without mention.

It certainly seems like the agency has firmed up its response since its disastrous non-performance following Hurricane Katrina; FEMA officials have provided both logistical and financial support, and California's state officials had been said to be satisfied with their cooperation. Why David Paulison, FEMA's secretary, would let this charade go on is beside us: it doesn't exactly inspire confidence in the agency's capabilities and, more importantly, its transparency (even White House Press Secretary Dana Perino felt the need to criticize the faux conference). Heckuva job, guys!

Via ::The Intersection: FEMA Fakes a Press Conference (blog), ::The Washington Post: Bush Declares California Disaster Area (newspaper)

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